Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lofts and Windows

Salams, everyone!

The topic of this post are lofts. You know, those uber-fashionable, super-modern, defnitely-rich-yuppie-aimed apartments. Exposed brick, usually wood or concrete floors, granite countertops, etc.

What gets me about them are the windows. BIG. Beautiful. Light-sharing. Windows.

I adore them. I long for them. Texas, however, being the largely sunny, hot place that it is, isn't too big on, well, big windows.

Actually, windows here about about the size of a postage stamp.




Having grown up in a beach town on the Gulf Coast (Gulf of New Mexico), every house had windows. Big windows. And lots of them.

Sometimes my apartment feels like a tomb because of the one small window in the bedroom and the sliding glass door in the living room. Yes, those are the only windows I have.

I had four big windows in my bedroom as a kid. Is it any wonder I'm feeling deprived?

I digress...

As I was saying, lofts generally have big windows and wood floors -- two things that are highly desirable in a living space for me. (I'd love to be able to ditch my vacuum cleaner one day in favor of a broom, dust pan, and mop.)

I'm finding that a more minimalist environment helps alleviate the "no windows/no light/no space/it's dark up in here" syndrome.

One less thing (especially when it comes to furniture) is one less thing to cast a shadow, to block the light that does come in, to gather dust, to take up space.

Room to breathe.

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