Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still More Books

Well, I've been going through the books some more, and I actually established a "desert island shelf" - the books that would go with me, even if I suddenly had to up and move to another city or country or outer space. Okay, just joking on the last, but these are the books I love and reread fairly regularly.

It was easier to make that shelf than I thought it would be, though, for the sake of my sanity I didn't include manga in that. They have their own shelf, though since many are series as opposed to stand-alone stories, I'd give myself two shelves, if pressed, for manga.


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    1. You can read my story in the May 2011 entries on my main blog,

  2. Yeah you can't count manga or the shelf would be huge! I am the same way but I do have some graphic novels on my "desert Island" shelf. But they literally are novels with art that are hundreds of pages long lol

  3. How many books are on the desert island shelf? I don't know what I'd take to the desert island with me. Is there power? Because then I could include some blurays... ;)