Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Concerning Collections.

Stop any random person on the street, in the store, or any other place you frequently go, and ask them "Do you collect anything?" Chances are very, very good that the person will say "Yes", and proceed to tell you about their comic/DVD/doll/sports memorabilia/action figure/mug/etc collection or collections. It's very rare to find someone who doesn't collect anything at all.

Collections can be a sneaky, money-eating, dust-catching, space-hogging nightmare. Even worse, once you are no longer enthused about that collection, you keep it because you spent so much money and time obtaining them. It's like you have a sense of obligation to these things because you brought them into your life, and the thought of getting rid of it all ("wasting" the money you spent) makes you feel guilty.

Let me tell you one of my own collection stories.

I once had 60 Barbies, more or less. Sixty! All in boxes, all beautiful, all sitting on shelves... in the closet. They were there because I had no shelves appropriate for displaying them outside of the closet.

One day, I got tired of it. Of spending money on something I rarely even looked at. Of having a closet full of things that I worried about -- will the boxes get damaged? The cellophane windows cracked?

So one-by-one, they left. I sold at least 20 at a yard sale prior to deploying. Two or three months ago I took them, by fours and fives, to Goodwill. Just yesterday I took the last three, and I sold my last special one on Amazon last week (a Lord of the Rings giftset with Barbie as Arwen and Ken as Aragorn).

I no longer have any dolls, and I'm okay with that. More than okay with that, actually. Other people have assumed the responsibility for them. I no longer have to dust them, store them, or worry about them. Many, I'm sure, are being enjoyed by little girls all around my neighborhood.

In the future, I will simply save photos of the ones I love from the Internet. It's free, I can still enjoy them, but they won't have to take up residence in my home.

Do you have a collection that you no longer want? Don't let it tie you down anymore. Gift pieces you know a family member or friend would enjoy. Consider donating it to the Goodwill -- they always want good quality collectibles for their auction cases. Do some research online and see if any of it is worth the cost of listing, packing, and shipping to sell.

Don't let things you no longer want own you.

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