Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Home is a New Beginning.

A friend of mine and her boyfriend recently bought a house. It's a beautiful 19th-century Victorian home. She already has plans of how she wants to decorate it.

I am beyond thrilled for her. There's nothing quite like the first time you unlock the door, walk in, and know that this beautiful home is YOURS.

Speaking as a homeowner, my advice to her was:

1) Don't buy things you don't LOVE. Furniture (or anything else) that you merely "like" doesn't deserve your hard-earned dough.

2) Don't buy furniture just to have somewhere to sit/eat/put your clean clothes away/etc. Some people (myself included) fall into the trap of buying furniture for "just for now" while waiting for the piece they love to appear. Sit on your old college furniture or the floor if you have to. But don't sell yourself or your wallet short.

I've bought a few pieces that were "just okay" or "fine". I hardly used them, they collected dust, crowded my beautiful living space, and eventually were broken and tossed or were given away. Thankfullly, my stuff came from the thrift store, so it wasn't expensive, but I still don't like to think of the wasted effort and money spent on all of it.

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