Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things as Symbols

About three days ago, I looked at my sofa, and I realized:

It was torn to shreds (particularly on the arms -- the result of kitty claws).

It was dirty.

It was broken.

It was, quite simply, a mess.

And tt symbolized everything wrong in my life.

So I tore it apart.

It's in six pieces, in front of my apartment. Tomorrow a friend and his brother are going to come and help me move all the pieces to the dumpster.

Then I will be free to start anew.

In its place is a multi-colored rug and a coffee table I use as a dinner table/computer desk for my laptop. I can sit and watch the sky and the people in the courtyard, and gain inspiration from the outdoors as I type.

It refreshes me.

Out with the old and being open to the new really does a heart and mind good.

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