Thursday, July 25, 2013


About three weeks ago I packed up my life and moved halfway across the country, from Texas to the East Coast.

In the process, I got rid of more and more stuff.

In the end, I had 9 boxes, a mattress, two chairs, two small tables, and a two-shelf bookshelf in the U-Haul.

My current situation is temporary - only a year, then it's time to move again. I plan to reduce what I own by at least a third again before then.

I'm already considering tossing out one of the chairs.

My goal in the next year? To purchase a 16 foot Scamp trailer to live in for the next 4-5 years, maybe longer.

Which means more simplifying. I'm good with that. :)Nothing is worth more than freedom.


  1. Honestly I picture you in something more like these:

    1. Oh, I love the tiny houses on wheels! They're just a bit out of my price range and vehicle towing range. Rather than get another car (as if I even could), I'll just stick with what my car can handle for the moment, then upgrade at a later time, inshAllah. :) Who knows? I may love living in a Scamper so much that I just stick with it. :)