Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Teensy, Tiny Detour

Gonna take a brief detour from the "Vegan in 30 Days" project to update you guys on my progress in pursuing a minimalist lifestyle. If anyone is still reading or gives two hoots, let me know, okay?

Last night I ditched the box spring. That leaves me with just my lovely, cushy mattress on the floor. My cats like it. I like it.

I'm also cursing vaccum cleaners. Mine has been in the repair shop for about a month now - they haven't called me to let me know it's fixed (though it certainly should be by now), and I have no funds until Friday to pay for it, anyway. My apartment is in horrific need of a vaccuming. Also cursing (yet again) the fact that people think carpet is a good choice for rental flooring. It's all about the wood floors, people. Real or faux, doesn't matter. It will save a crapton of money in the long run.

This underemployment thing? I hope none of you are in a similar situation, because it, quite frankly, SUCKS. People call, wanting money, but I don't even have money for kitty litter. Forget paying credit card or phone bills or electric bills or phone bills. I'm selling off stuff right and left to pay for the basic necessities until I get another paycheck - and then the cycle will begin again, except I'll have less to sell off next month than this month.

I'm comtemplating standing at the intersection with a sign, like I see peole doing all the time. My sign would say "Army vet - Afghanistan 10-11. Not unemployed - badly UNDERemployed. Please help. 4 Cats to feed. Allah bless you."

Those people probably make more begging than I do working.


  1. I read! I just have no comments on vegan things except: Rabbit food, bah! Excuse me while I go hunt down the slowest deer in the herd for my dinner. *Rawr*

    I'm partial to tile myself. Isn't not having a box spring going to hurt your back?

  2. I'll never understand why they put carpet in rentals. Dumb idea.

    Beggars in NYC make close to 80k a year. So yes, they do. And they don't pay taxes either.