Monday, January 14, 2013

Day Thirteen: Health Food Store Tour


"Call your local health food store and sign up for a tour. After your tour, buy one new product that you've never tried before."

I'll have to ask about this. I generally just wander the aisles in a mind-boggled state from all of the foods I've never heard of and wouldn't even begin to know what to do with.

I did try a new product yesterday: vegan Italian sausages, cooked on my knock-off George Foreman grill. They were very good, but I decided about halfway through the second sausage that I will limit myself to one per meal. I was completely stuffed after eating two of them on buns with yellow mustard.

Also, found that Sprouts' store brand tofu (made with non-GMO soybeans) is 99 cents (versus $3 for non-GMO, $2 for possibly-GMO at Target). I love to toss a slice of tofu on the pan with salt and pepper. It's like a fried egg. Minus the icky yolk. And the cholesterol.

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  1. SLM!Unfortunately the food we are having today is not the same food we had 30 years ago :( That is why people suffer from many sicknesses. I'm happy that for now there is no GMO food in my country, some people wanted it ( I have no idea why) but luckily it is banned. I try to avoid buying vegetables of fruits when pesticide s were used. I have this rule: If I spot a beautiful, perfect red apple I never choose it. In nature it will never be too perfect, too red or too green.